The Mount 101: New Members

The Mount 101: New Members

The New Member Ministry endeavors to teach and acculturate new disciples of Mount Zion to the teachings of Jesus, the Mount Zion Movement and productive spiritual practices. These courses provide new disciples with an overview of the ministries, history of the church and the good news about Salvation, stewardship and fundamentals of discipleship.

Identity and Mission: Vision of the Church (1st Sunday)
This session exposes the new disciple to the Vision, Mission and Theology of the Mount Zion family

Practices: Baptism & Communion (2nd Sunday)
This session introduces the members to the ordinances of the Baptist Church, Baptism and Communion. The learner will gain an understanding of what each practice means theologically and how they shape the life of faith.

Generosity: Tithes & Offerings (3rd Sunday)
This session will explore the biblical message of generosity and life-giving practices of financial stewardship.

Ministry: Spiritual Gifts (4th Sunday)
This session will lead the new disciple in a journey of self-discovery and identification of ministry giftedness and passion. In addition to unpacking the meaning and areas of spiritual gifting, the learner will undertake a spiritual gifts assessment prior to receiving recommendations for ministry involvement.